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Mack, the MagSafe philosophy applied to the headphone and earphone jack

The idea of ??a MagSafe connector has long started to whet the manufacturers' imagination for standard 3.5mm jacks for headphones and earphones. Mack is the really cheap adapter, costing about $ 8, which allows you to transform any 3.5mm jack into a MagSafe connector similar to what Apple has used in Macbooks.

The project was born from a Hungarian start-up, and the kit consists of two different pieces: the first one a 3.5mm plug, on the top of which there is a magnet, capable of attracting the second piece of Mack, formed by a small guide on which to insert a common plug for headphones and earphones. In this way, the magnetic "bond" between the two parts of the Mack should be accident-proof, compared to a traditional connection with a single cable and plug. In this way, the company tries to say goodbye to the fear of damaging the phone, or any other device connected to the cable, at least in case you accidentally pull on the headphone cord. The idea is almost identical to MAGZET, another accessory with the same purpose, which has not, however, obtained all the funding requested on Kickstarter.

possible to pre-order this simple accessory on Indiegogo for an hourly delivery in January 2016. The single Mack kit device costs 14 dollars, ms currently available at an introductory price of 8. It is possible to choose from a variety of colors, such as silver, orange, green, tomato red, cobalt blue and black.

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