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Lindows needs everyone to win.

Lindows needs everyone to win. logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new creature of Michael Robertson (former founder of, Lindows, with a speed of action not known so far, was immediately struck by legal actions promoted by Microsoft, which officially challenges him to the name rather than the activities ( but as easy to understand, reality could be the exact opposite). We told you about it a month ago. Now that LindowsOS and have come to court for the trial (which will begin on February 1st), the CEO of Lindows asks for the support of all those who want to contribute to support his thesis: "there there are thousands of companies that use the term Windows or its variations to do business connected or sponsored by Microsoft's activities and so far none of these have been denounced by Microsoft, this proves that there are other reasons for us, such as seeing mined their monopoly. ”What does Robertson ask? "Since we firmly believe that people are clearly able not to make confusion between the name Windows and Lindows, we would like you to help us compose the list of existing commercial names such as Windows-Something or Something-Windows (hardware and software)", the address of the nascent list can be found here, to enter the data use this page For photographs and / or scans, instead, the email address to use the following: (Email protected).There is time until January 24th.

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