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Ive on BBC online

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Ive dreams of drawing cars; Ive been terrified of his own talent; Ive working 70 hours a week; Ive who designed bathroom accessories; Ive who loves the obviousness of things. These are some of the details, many unknown to the general public, that emerge from the profile he publishes on the Apple BBC designer. The "News Makers" section traces it in the form of discursive narration therefore) the career of what remains today one of the major players in the stylistic design of computers. The article recalls Ive's debut as an independent designer, his arrival at Apple, his relationship with Jobs. There is also room for a window on the debut of the "old" iMac and a declaration that an "act of love" for Apple, a phrase that BBC puts in the mouth of Ive but that Jobs would also like very much: "Apple born to innovate ". For those who know English a piece to read.

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