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Is UC Browser the best internet browser for iPad?


UC Browser an excellent internet browser for iPad: today it updates with floating videos and social widgets

Are you looking for an alternative internet browser for iPad? Do you want a fast, stable, efficient and customizable internet browser? And maybe you also want some additional features compared to the iPad's default internet browser? I strongly recommend you to tryUC Browser, an excellent internet browser for iPad, which manages to replace Safari very well.

UC Browser (2)

UC Browser a very famous internet browser, available for various platforms such as Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry. Thanks to its continuous development and the many innovations that are introduced every time by its creators, UC Browser has quickly become one of the most loved and appreciated internet browsers by users.

With the recent update, then,UC Browser for iPad has become even better and practically perfect. In fact, with the latest update, two very appreciated features have been introduced:

  • social link: a handy widget that allows you to have all the main social networks at your fingertips, directly in a floating widget that you can move wherever you want on the display
  • floating player: another very useful widget that allows you to watch any type of video or movie directly in a box that you can move wherever you want on the screen of your iPad, just like it happens on Android smartphones and tablets

Here, below, a movie that allows you to appreciate all the main features of this internet browser for iPad.

photo 4

In addition to all these features that I have just listed,UC Browser puts a lot of settings at your disposal which allow you to customize and modify practically any parameter of the browser, to adapt it to your needs and preferences, such as the possibility of changing the background.

The UC Browser interface is very simple, clear and well studied and puts all the main functions at your fingertips.

Definitely UC Browser an excellent internet browser for iPad: fast, powerful, well optimized and very stable. Compared to Safari it is much more convenient to use and offers many additional features that, once tried, will be difficult to forget.

Considering thatUC Browser available for free on the App Store, try it and let me know what you think.

You can download it here:

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