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Is Microsoft developing Office for iPhone?

Is Microsoft developing Office for iPhone? logomacitynet1200wide 1

On iPhone and touch it is possible to transfer, store and even consult the main file formats for Office documents, the support that allows you to create and edit work documents directly on the Apple multi-touch paperbacks is lower. For these reasons, many users hope for a version of Microsoft Office created specifically for iPhone and touch, a hope that has hovered since Apple marketed the first version of the iPhone Edge.

To raise the hopes now directly a senior executive of Microsoft: Office for iPhone "Not yet" said Stephen Elop, president of the Business Division of Redmond advising for those present to "remain on hold". The statements come in response to a specific question by Tim O'Reilly, CEO of the publishing house of the same name, at the Web 2.0 conference.

Interviewed by O'Reilly, the Microsoft executive explained that the company is still working on a version of Office that can work completely via the Web, intended primarily for large companies and supported by advertisements. The two objectives of Microsoft are to offer an interface that does not require further learning for the approximately 500 million users of traditional Office, also to be able to offer innovative services and functions, appreciated by companies and capable of generating direct value. In his interview Elop also clarified that Microsoft is attentive to the growing spread of smartphones and their use by users. Ultimately it is not possible to clarify at this point if the hypothetical Office for iPhone will be made available in the form of a real application, or if it will be offered as a series of services and functions provided via the Web, such as the expected Office Web of which rumors have been talking for years.

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