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iNinja: challenge of shuriken against the computer and friends on iPhone and touch

iNinja: shuriken challenge against computer and friends on iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

The ancient techniques and weapons of the ninja still arouse reverence and admiration, among these certainly include the pointed stars in shuriken metal. With the iNinja game, iPhone and touch users are called to overcome a series of imaginative and increasingly difficult game schemes, all to be overcome by becoming masters in the launch of shuriken. To do this we have the touch screen available: by touching with your finger starting from the bottom and quickly scrolling towards the top of the screen, in the exact position we want to hit. In addition to the 34 game levels available a survival mode, finally the possibility of playing via Wi-Fi against our friends.

In this two-player human mode, a ball must be pushed to the opponent's side always using the shuriken throw. The full version of iNinja with 34 game levels offered these days on offer at the price of 0.79 cents starting from this App Store page.

Recall that the Lite version with only 10 levels is also available and can be downloaded for free from this App Store page.

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