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Increasingly paid web services.

Increasingly paid web services. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Fortunately, the various MacityNet sites provide you with many shortcuts to sneak out of the problems you can encounter with the Mac daily, because the most famous overseas site for bugs and bug-fixes on Mac will no longer be free. next week, MacFixIt will remain free but will be severely limited, to reread the complete archive, you need to pay $ 25 a year and therefore have the doors wide open to the Pro version of the site with the archives available and the elimination of advertising banners. that the confirmation of a business model that is becoming increasingly popular and that goes against the spirit with which information was born on the network: users freely collaborate on the information available because they know that they can freely use it in the moment of need. On the other hand, the growth of services, the growing number of readers, and the greater bandwidth that must be exploited. ano at greater expenses that in some way must be incurred. MacityNet believes that in any case the model of mutual exchange of information is the rewarding one (especially for readers!) and that for a site like MacFixit that "closes" with free access another 10 may arise, perhaps less organized and comprehensive, useful in the same way for users.

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