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Html mail from Apple: free not to choose.

Html mail from Apple: free not to choose. logomacitynet1200wide 1

For an old subscriber to the free Apple eNews service, it will certainly not be difficult to remember when this Apple "newsletter" was not only a sort of advertising brochure but a precious source of news from the Mac world. Its origins lie in the mists of time (of Internet); then, as today, it was enough to register and this was delivered to the mailbox, as today, moreover, what changed from then to today that the first edition of eNews had the advantage (or perhaps the defect) of going unnoticed. A few kb of download and go … Merit of the choice opportunity that was offered between text or HTML edition. A tip that saved bandwidth and time. For some time, someone at Apple must have "forgotten" the choices of the time and even those who had expressed their preference for a plain-text version receive, without too many compliments, the HTML version and if you try to change the settings it turns out that this is the only option. In short, or so or nothing. It would be interesting to know if Apple, when he made this choice, posed the problem of what he reads of the emails he sends when the user, and there may be many, he set his email client to read plain and text only.If anyone in Cupertino has ever asked a question like this or if we are really the only ones to use this system, which will also be primitive but very effective if you want to waste little time downloading mail, in the the image below have an example. This is the very little recognizable AppleStore January 2002 newsletter.

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