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How to use the Mac keyboard to write on iPhone, iPad and iPod with …


With 1Keyboard you can use your Mac as an external keyboard for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Today I point out a really interesting and useful program, dedicated to all Apple users who own a Mac and an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The program that I recommend is called1Keyboard and allows you to use the Mac keyboard to type text on iPhone or iPad in an extremely comfortable and immediate way. Do you want to put the convenience of writing messages and on WhatsApp with the physical keyboard of the Mac instead of the virtual one of the iPhone? I would say there is no comparison.

But let's see how it works and what this Keyboard offers.

screen800x500 "src =" "width =" 614 "height =" 383 "/></p><p style=As we already anticipated, with this application just connect Mac and iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, launch the keyboard on OS X and start typing text in any iOS app that provides it. This allows you to type faster, since you can use a physical keyboard, even from a MacBook Pro or Air.

This is an exceptional app, which allows you to use the Mac keyboard on your iPhone, iPad and iPod in an extremely immediate way. You can contact all your friends much more quickly and comfortably, thanks to the generous size of the physical keyboard of the Mac. Personally I think Apple makes the best physical keyboards on the market today, so I believe that writing messages, WhatsApp and more with the physical keyboard of the Mac is something truly exceptional and very comfortable.

Lapp also works as an Apple TV keyboard and can be downloaded for free from this link.

I remember that, of course, to connect the Mac keyboard to the iPhone, iPod and iPad you will have to use the bluetooth connection: you can therefore use the 1Keyboard program only if your physical Mac keyboard will be equipped with bluetooth connectivity.

You just have to try to download this program to test it firsthand: I think it is very useful and very comfortable, and the many users who have already downloaded and used this software1Keyboard for iPhone, iPod and iPad are of the same opinion.

If you try it, let me know what you think and if you feel comfortable.

At the moment the link does not seem to work in Italy. Try to download the app using an App Store different from the Italian one.

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