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How to transfer photos and files to SD on Samsung …

marzo 16, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, has a large internal memory which, depending on the model, can start from 128 up to 512GB, rather difficult but not impossible to exhaust. In fact, if you are a lover of photography, taking photos at the highest quality or you are used to keeping multimedia files of various types of considerable size on your device, the memory can certainly run out or get close to it.

So if you want to buy an SD where move any files, also to better keep your content in order, safeguarding it from possible phone reset, below we will show you a simple procedure with which you can transfer them to external memory of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

How to move photos and files to SD card on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

To begin the process, open the file manager present on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. You can find it in the folder nicknamed "Samsung" on the Home.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Now touch the voice "Internal memory" of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and go to the path where there are interesting contents that you want to move.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Then choose the files to be moved and by touching the three dots in the upper left corner of the interface, select the item "Move" in the retractable menu.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Then select the destination path desired in the SD card, if necessary also creating a new folder.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This is as, as you can well notice, the procedure of moving files to SD in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a very simple operation. You can take advantage of the move function so you can more order in your files, putting in the SD the things you consider most important. In case you would like to leave a copy in the internal memory, just select the item "Copy" instead ofMove" in third step.

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