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How to talk to Vodafone operator: all methods | Guide

Get assistance from a telephone operator such as Vodafone it may be a need that anyone of us meets at least (if you are lucky) once in a lifetime, nevertheless despite the fact of so much technology and remote assistance this is not so simple and for this reason we try to provide you with a summary on the various methods for talk to Vodafone operator.

How to talk to Vodafone operator: all the methods

What are the simplest and most common methods to get in touch with Vodafone customer service? This question can be answered in various methods, each of which may be more or less useful according to the conditions in which you find yourself.

Below we list all the best methods to speak with Vodafone operator:

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Call 190

Contact the Vodafone toll free number certainly the most immediate system, being available both via fixed and mobile through a specific sequence of internal combinations.

Wait for the welcome message, the indications of the message recorded with the available options and press the "key 1" to confirm the choice of "Mobile telephone assistance services". At this point, also press "button 4" to "Request operator intervention" and press button 2 to confirm your choice.

In case you don't want to talk to the operator but you need to block SIM Vodafone, instead of pressing "key 2", opt for "key 3" by choosing "Lost / stolen SIM lock".

The toll free Vodafone Call Center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge from fixed or mobile.

Customer area website, the "Do it yourself" section

The Vodafone website offers everything a user could want, the problem often figuring out how and where to navigate to find what you are looking for.

The customer area accessible in the "Do it yourself" section, in the top bar of the page, after registration or restricted access to the Vodafone number. Inside you can navigate on various options by managing your SIM independently, between options and packages.

The website offers much more, the "Contact Us" section allows you to be able to access useful numbers as well as Vodafone physical centers of your geographical area than to get in touch with the Vodafone customer community.

Talking to an operator is also possible by taking advantage of the Vodafone Tobi BOT, designed to help you navigate the site based on what you need. To be contacted press on "Ask Tobi" from the Contact page or write in chat "Assistance" or "Operator" to be automatically supported in your request.

Social Assistance Vodafone

THE Social Network have become a strong point for direct contact with Vodafone assistance through Facebook and Twitter accounts, obtaining quick and personalized answers.

Facebook page to talk to a Vodafone operator

Facebook offers a contact page direct and easy to reach, once you have clicked on "Send Message", all you have to do is report the problem and your general information. An operator will analyze the data if supported with a name of the owner (name and surname and tax code), as well as the number between mobile and landline.

Twitter page to talk to a Vodafone operatorTwitter page to talk to a Vodafone operator

Twitter a channel less known to the more and more direct and efficient, once clicked on "Message" you will only have to expose problem and data. Then provide your general information and the number, fixed or mobile, for which you ask for assistance and the game is done.

Assistance through the MyVodafone app

An alternative very similar to the website and social networks, capable of almost grouping them all together, instead the use ofofficial MyVodafone app to be installed on your smartphone.

Download the MyVodafone app

The modern interface, easy and intuitive and structured exactly like the "Do it yourself" section of the website, being able to manage every detail of your number. There is no shortage of consumption indicators and contact request methods to speak with the Vodafone operator.

Service centers and sales outlets

A definitely effective and very direct solution to speak with a Vodafone operator is to go to a store or service center of the manager. Depending on the area of ​​residence it may be a more or less difficult task, for this reason we always recommend you to refer to the website.

Both the official Vodafone website and the MyVodafone app allow me to go to the map of the sales centers closest to your area, making it easier to search.

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