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How to talk to the Iliad operator: all the methods | Guide

marzo 16, 2020

The arrival of iliad, as a virtual operator, has given rise to a lot of confusion especially when the speech turns on customer service is SIM problem causing many users to wonder exactly how to speak with Iliad operator and what methods exist.

How to speak with Iliad operator: all the methods

How to get in touch with Iliad Assistance Service, considering how it is a virtual operator, it may seem complex. There are actually various methods, much simpler and more immediate than you think, to satisfy your needs with the virtual operator.

Below we list all the best methods to speak with Iliad operator:

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Call 177

As with any telephone operator there is also a Iliad toll free number, being one of the immediate means of obtaining assistance although, as in other cases, there are combinations to remember.

Once you have dialed the number and listened to the welcome message with the relative options, click on "button 4" to access the "Technical Assistance" section. At this point, click on the "0 button" to be directed to the "Support of an operator" waiting for your turn on the waiting list.

Contact page to speak with an Iliad operatorContact page to speak with an Iliad operator

In spite of everything, the virtual manager makes one available Contact page on its website where you can find a summary of the main contact methods and phone numbers available.

The toll-free Iliad Vodafone Call Center active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge only from Iliad numbers. From fixed or other operators, the costs of the tariffs in your contract or bundle must be considered.

Customer Area website, the Assistance Area

As a virtual operator the Iliad website it could only represent the dominant fulcrum to solve any of your problems or requests.

Personal Area IliadPersonal Area Iliad

The assistance area is simple and full of options, as well as having simple navigation, requiring the exclusive registration of SIM and Iliad number holders. The site offers many options to manage number portability, SIM configuration and F.A.Q on the most common problems.

Social Iliad assistance

One of Iliad's strengths certainly in the support offered also on Social Networks thanks to the strong and constant presence via Facebook and Twitter, to offer direct and fast assistance.

Facebook page to talk to an Iliad operatorFacebook page to talk to an Iliad operator

Facebook guarantees a contact page where you can be updated on initiatives, news and be able to easily get in touch with operators. In case of requests you will obviously have to send in your personal data to receive support.

Twitter page to talk to an Iliad operatorTwitter page to talk to an Iliad operator

One of the increasingly easy-to-use social alternatives Twitter, even in this case the operator equips himself with a contact channel capable of processing your requests immediately simply by clicking on the "Message" button. As with other social networks, you will need to share your personal data to receive efficient and tailored support.

Assistance through the SimBoxes

Although they have been designed to facilitate SIM distribution in Italy, the SIMBOX they also offer support through Iliad operators who often pass through the leasing areas to offer advice and assistance.

Check the position of the SimBoxes in your area

The latter does not clearly represent a certain system as it is possible not to find any support but, if you are nearby, it is always worth a try asking for information.

Service centers and sales outlets

One of the most effective solutions to always find a service center the operator to be able to speak with Iliad operators. The distribution of the centers rather dense throughout Italy, however, depending on your area, this choice could become complicated.

We therefore advise you to read the official website to clarify your ideas and get to know, by map, the centers closest to your area.

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