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How to make group video calls for free without limits

The simplest apps and sites that can be used on PC smartphones and tablets to make group video calls with friends and family, free and without limits

videochat for friends For those who live far away and even in quarantine days like these, the best way to feel with friends and family is that you can not go and definitely find video calling, so you can spend some time with them as if we were more neighbors. So you can video chat with two or more people at the same time, all together at the same time, without time limits, even during dinner or at any time during the day. The only problem is understanding which application to use for making these group video calls. Many people use it Whatsapp to make video calls, which is fine, even if it has limitations that make it a little uncomfortable. First of all, Whatsapp can only be used on smartphones, not on tablets and not on the PC, therefore it is not possible to use larger screens to see yourself better. In addition, the Whatsapp videochat has the limit of 4 participants and does not have an exceptional quality.

In this article we see some of the instead simpler applications / sites to make group video calls for free, even with more than 4 participants, of those that work indifferently from any Android smartphone and tablet, from iPad, from iPhone and also from any Windows, Mac and Linux PC that has microphone and webcam. In practice, they can be used by everyone.

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1) SkypeSkype certainly the number one app for making group video calls, available everywhere: on smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs, XBoxes and there is also Skype via a website that supports calls and video calls (calls meetings) from the browser without installing anything. You can make group voice calls with up to 25 people and video calls with up to 10 people, all for free. The limits for group video calls are 100 hours per month and no more than 10 hours per day and 4 hours per single video call. Once these limits are reached, the video turns off and you can continue via audio. To make a group video call on Skype, just create a group with all the participants and then click the video call button. During the video call, Skype automatically determines the video quality supported by the system and automatically optimizes it so as not to drop it, not to shell and to avoid annoying reconnections. During a group video call, you can also share the screen for all participants, send files and add other members whenever you want. With the meeting function, video chat participants can access the video chat even without a Skype account and just share the link generated by the program.

2) Google HangoutsHangouts available via web on for any computer where Google Chrome can be installed and then also as an application for Android and iPhone. To start a video call, just select a person from the list or on the sidebar in Gmail. Select one or more people from the contact list (or even send the invitation via email to anyone you want) and press the video call button. You can also generate the video chat link to send to people, who will then have to log in with a Google account. The limit of participants of 10 people together.

3) Google DuoGoogle Duo perhaps the application that offers a more stable connection in video calls and also the most convenient one to use for video calls between two people. The Google Duo group video chat completely free, supports up to 8 participants and can be used by Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads and also via the web from any computer, by connecting to the website.

4) FacebookEven with Facebook it is possible to make group video calls, only for with Facebook contacts and added friends. To make a video call on Facebook, go to the message page or open the Messenger app on Android and iPhone, press the button to start a new conversation (on the site the one with the pencil he writes next to the gear icon at the top left) and write the names of the participants. Facebook Messenger allows you to create unlimited video chats with up to 50 participants simultaneously.

5) ViberViber one of the best alternatives to Skype, which offers free voice and video calls and available as an iOS, Android, Windows 10, Mac and Linux app. Viber connects to the phone's address book, so it allows you to call all the friends who have installed the application without having to send invitations (as you do with Whatsapp). The excellent group call, with fun tools to send stickers on the screen.

6) The best web apps to create videochatThere are numerous other applications for making videochat, among these I have selected three that work in a similar way. Basically, with practically no account registration, you can create a room and then send the link to other people to get them into the video call. This way, for group video calls, you don't need to register or even download a program or application. Both from a computer and a smartphone, you only need to open the site on a browser (whether it is for Chrome or one that supports video streaming technologies) and give the web browser permission to use microphone and camera an account Among the best sites to create video chat rooms with friends and family without accounts There are:- Jitsi Meet, where you just have to give a name to the page and then share the link (but be careful that every room publishes, therefore, since anyone can participate, it is better to give a name with random letters). Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted open source video conferencing solution that you can use for free all day, every day, without needing an account. With Jitsi you can also share the desktop, edit documents together, exchange text messages and emojis in chat.- another excellent option, which allows you to create video chat rooms and invite whoever you want without any account. The rooms can be protected to prevent outsiders from entering. video chat with a maximum of 15 participants possible. Whereby another simple platform, where those who start the video call must register, but which allows you to create an online room in which other people can participate without having to create an account. The free account allows you to start a single chat room, which can also be used all day to talk to the people you want.

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