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How to have Animoji on Xiaomi smartphones with MiMoji | Guide

Since their arrival in the sector, the emoji animations in Apple 3D have aroused some interest from many users and in particular in the Android landscape, wondering how to have Animoji on Xiaomi smartphones.

How to have Animoji on Xiaomi smartphones: the steps through MiMoji

Xiaomi has decided to emulate some popular services, the Animoji they could only be at the center of attention given the importance in digital non-verbal communication thanks to the high rate of personalization. From this idea the app was born Xiaomi MiMoji, or a version of the totally official Asian brand designed for the internal eco-system.

The steps are simple:

  1. Install MiMoji on your Xiaomi smartphone
  2. Set up your Animoji

1Install MiMoji: how to have official Animoji on Xiaomi smartphones

The official application available from the Asian brand for any device, the compatibility has obviously not yet been made official but it seems the operation is guaranteed on most smartphones.

The first step to take – if you have not yet done so – is to enable the function for install applications with unknown sources: There will be a key to installing apk files not coming from the Google Play Store.

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How to install unknown applications

Next you will have to download the MiMoji app and install it:

Download MiMoji for Xiaomi

2Set up your Animoji: customize your face

Usage screens of MiMoji, or the Xiaomi-branded Animoji

Once the app is installed, you must guarantee access permissions for the use of the camera and microphone and access to the memory space of your smartphone and place it at face height.

Almost automated registration, you can choose from well 12 different faces and use them for making short videos that you can later share on social networks or store them on the internal storage of your device.

MiMoji problems and defects

As every application in development there is no shortage of limitations, one above all the compatibility is often not excellent towards all Xiaomi smartphone.

In the event of system errors or not desperate lockups, the Asian brand at work and more and more updated versions of the app compatible with any device will arrive shortly.

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