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How to download stories published by users followed on Instagram | …

If you are an "Instagrammofoli", you will certainly spend most of the time spent on the app, watching the thousand thousand stories published on Instagram, shared by the users you follow. As you well know, in a similar way to Snapchat, from which the development team derived the functionality, the stories have the only duration of 24 hours, removing itself automatically and definitively once that time limit has passed.

Despite this, even if the social network does not provide a useful feature to download them, however possible download the latter, before the 24 hours are no longer available, let's find out how!

How to download the stories published by users on Instagram

To keep what is published on Instagram stories, a simple screenshot may sometimes be fine, but of course it will not be enough if the type of media shared a video. In the Android Playstoreare fortunately available some apps, which allow you to download shared videos in the stories of the platform.

One of those most appreciated by users Story Saver, characterized by a simple operation.

Story Saver App Stories & Highlights Downloader

Once you have downloaded the app from the Playstore, you will need to log in using your Instagram account credentials, touching the item Sign In With Instagram and inserting the relative ones access data in the appropriate fields.

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Once logged in, you should be able to do it right away display on the main screen, the stories of the users you follow, published within 24 hours. To download from the desired contact, touch the username who shared the content on Instagram, tapping later the preview of the story, containing the image or video that you intend to download and then touching, in the open pop-up men, the itemSave.

Once the download is complete, it will be possible to find the content of interest in the folder "Story Saver", which will be automatically generated in the gallery of your device.

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