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How to disable background playback on YouTube Premium | GUIDE

marzo 16, 2020

Background playback on YouTube premium, certainly the most awaited and requested feature, which many users would also like to use for free in the app.

Being able to listen to a song or even an entire playlist without keeping the screen on phone is a very useful feature, but there may be situations where it is not necessary. For example, by touching a link that leads to a video on YouTube and then going back later, the video will continue to play precisely in the background.

So if you want to activate background playback only when necessary, here's how.

How to disable background playback on YouTube Premium

All you need to do open the YouTube app, tapping later the avatar of your profile and then going toSettings.


Now go to the voiceBackground & Downloads, later touching the itemPlayback. Once the pop-up men are open, chooseoff, to completely disable the function. If you want to disable it instead only when no bluetooth headphones or speakers are used, select the itemHeadphones or external speakers.


If you would like to reactivate background playback, just go back to this same setting by selecting the itemAlways active. There is also another type of background playback, called picture in picture, able to continue to watch the video in other screens of your android smartphone.

How to disable picture-in-picture mode

Picture in picture a YouTube background playback mode, which reduces the video to a small window that you can move anywhere on your phone screen, while using other apps. If you don't want to close the small floating window that plays the video, every time you exit the app, you can easily disable the function in the app settings, here's how to do it!

To deactivate the mode picture in picture, open the YouTube settings by touching the avatar of your profile and then the entrySettings.


Touching the voiceGeneral, go to the sectionPicture in picture, by deactivating the functionality via the toggle on the right.

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