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Foreign languages: the 5 best applications to learn them better

Moving to a new place, especially a new one country, usually very difficult. It becomes even more difficult if you are not familiar with the local language. Fortunately, however, on the Play Store you can find applications for learning foreign languages, which will not only help you communicate, but also to hone your general knowledge of a specific language.

The best apps for learning languages ​​with your smartphone

The applications provide considerable help and by working hard you can become an expert in any language you want. If you are always around the world highly recommended to install on your smartphone and always carry one of the Android applications for language learning, since it is always better to be prepared and, for example, to know how to ask where the bathroom should be reported to public indecency.

  1. Duolingo
  2. Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone
  3. Tourist Language
  4. Babbel- Recommended by us
  5. Mango Languages


Duolingo the best android application for language learning, which we personally recommend to everyone as it is extremely innovative and effective. The interface is remarkably well organized and the application does not hinder the user with unnecessary menus and options.

Learn English with Duolingo

Just select the language you want to learn and the application will do the rest for you, making learning like a mini game. There are also two levels of difficulty, one for beginners and the other for those who are already familiar with the language. Duolingo offers support for many languages ​​(for example: Spanish, French, Italian, Irish, Dutch, English), although to a lesser extent than other applications on the list.App learn languages ​​"width =" 700 "height =" 300

Learn languages: Rosetta Stone

Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone an application with an intuitive graphical interface that is very well made and that can be used directly with Duolingo as it is learning-only The only drawback that lapp forces the landscape mode (and therefore will oblige you to keep the smartphone in a horizontal position) for use , although this isn't a big deal anyway.

Rosetta Stone: Learn languages

While Duolingo is an excellent application for learning some languages, Rosetta Stone has more extensive support, in fact the application supports about 23 languages ​​and they all have full course content.Finally, the only reason why maybe it is a span below Duolingo the fact of having in-app purchases.

Tourist Language

If you need to go to some exotic place for a couple of weeks and want to learn and be able to pronounce some basic phrases, you should install Tourist Language. The application will not help you learn a new language, but it will certainly help you to ask the locals for information.

Learn to speak languages

Developers are very active to satisfy the feedback sent by users, for example, the next update will bring support for Arabic and Korean languages, this is a very rare thing for a free application. The urge to learn a new language can be stressful, but Tourist Language uses a simple, intuitive and highly useful design. Do you want to ask someone where the closest hotel is? Thanks to this application you can do it very simply!


Babbel a language learning application that can be connected to practically anything. The application can be synchronized to a smartphone, tablet, PC or MacBook, has been well designed and has clear and precise instructions, providing excellent exercises for pronunciation with speech recognition.

Babbel Language courses

Babbel is not very intuitive, this makes it a little more difficult to use initially, but once you are familiar with the app, a very effective tool. The application can adapt the learning objectives according to your personal plans, this is a great way to stay motivated and achieve your goals.

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Mango Languages

Mango Languages a relatively new app, but it is the one with the most original design. The application makes the language learning experience adorable and satisfying.

Mango Languages: Personalized Language Learning

There are over 60 foreign language courses, and each course taught in the mother tongue, making it extremely easy to follow. Each lesson combines communication, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and culture. Finally, we were surprised by the support for Biblical Hebrew.

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