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Facebook makes the Wi-Fi search feature available globally

If you are traveling, perhaps abroad, and you clearly choose to disable roaming (also to avoid a collapse that could be caused by costs), what you obviously try to do to find a free WiFi network. This is why Facebook introduced the function of WiFi search, while now, the social network based in Menlo Park, ready to launch the service on a global level.

Facebook also gives companies the opportunity to promote themselves by sharing their hotspots

Not only travelers will benefit, but also those users who do not enjoy good network coverage. Facebook's WiFi search feature will allow you to to map free WiFi networks in the area where you are currently in thanks to sharing of their hotspots by companies. In return, users will be able to learn more about the restaurants or hotels with which they make the WiFi connection, thus giving companies the opportunity to promote themselves at the same time.


All you have to do is open the Facebook app, go to the "Other“, Once you will notice them the item“ Find Wi-Fi ”that you just need to plug to be able to use it. It may also be necessary to enable the function, because the service not active by default. Once you enter the screen, you can browse the map of your area where you are currently, in search of free WiFi hotspots and nearest available. You can also, as mentioned before, view the pages of companies, which share their networks.

Facebook has currently put in roll-out the new function. Let us know in the comments below if you can already use them!

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