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Eliss ingenious and original multi-touch game for iPhone and touch

Eliss ingenious and original multi-touch game for iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

Eliss is an original and innovative game created with graphics and soundtrack reminiscent of the era of 8-bit computers. The aim of the player is to move and control the various planets to try to position them in the final boxes where they must reside to ensure the harmony of the system, the goal of each level. The predetermined spaces in which to place the planets are not always able to accommodate them in their current state: often it is necessary to divide a planet into two smaller bodies, or to merge two or more planets to create a new larger one.

All of this must be done while the celestial bodies attract each other, the stellar dust disturbs and the black holes appear casually to ruin our plans. If two planets of different colors collide we lose energy. To pass each level you need different techniques and strategies which, progressing in difficulty, test not only the thought but also the manual ability of the player. The multi-touch screen of the iPhone and iPod can be used simultaneously with all the fingers that we are able to manage in a coordinated way.

Eliss requires Firmware 2.2.1 and can be purchased for € 2.99 directly from this App Store page.

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