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Drop, the kitchen scale that communicates with iPad: the combined app makes the difference

Drop a kitchen scale for the smart home that communicates with iPad and is managed through a very special recipe app. In fact, the Apple tablet, in addition to acting as a screen for weighing the ingredients individually, allows you to manage the Drop Kitchen application within which you can find different recipes (currently only in English) by weighing the ingredients one by one by adapting the recipe based on what you have at home.

As can be seen from the video that we attach at the bottom of the article, in fact, the app organizes the ingredients not only on the basis of the number of guests, but also on the basis of the quantity of the ingredients themselves. In the example, after weighing the flour, all the other ingredients adapt according to how many grams you have of the latter, with the possibility, when possible, to replace one or more ingredients in case we do not have any at home (or maybe we are allergic to it).

The scale can be calibrated with any container, thus effectively weighing only the ingredient added inside it and showing on the iPad screen a graphic that makes clear the missing quantity for each ingredient. In fact, the app makes you forget the calculation of the grams as it is managed entirely by the software and the user will only have to add the ingredients, one after the other, inside the same container (thus avoiding to dirty several ) and simply thinking about reaching the quantity shown on the screen.

The scale connects to the iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy and the integrated battery lasts at least a year. Drop can be purchased directly from the official website for 99.95 USD, or also available on the Apple Store for 99.95 euros.

Drop scale