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Create the perfect wallpaper for iPhone and touch with iMagePhone

Many iPhone and iPod touch users love to customize the background of their gadget, inserting their favorite images to always have an eye on them. Often it is necessary to resize them or roughly adapt them to the home screen.

Thanks to iMagePhone it will be child's play to resize, crop and arrange images to adapt them to the screen of Apple's multitouch devices.

The Mac program interfaces directly with iPhone and touch, allowing you to edit, cut and graphically improve the images, both those present in the film roll, and those contained in your iPhoto library.

This integration makes the use of iMagePhone very intuitive and comfortable, being compatible with all firmware versions, and also with the devices on which the jailbreak was performed.

iMagePhone requires at least Mac Os X 10.4 or higher; the program available for free but in a limited version in functions. A full $ 14.95 fee is required for the full version. To download the program just follow this direct link.