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BQ is the first Smart Wall Light: Halu is a multicolor LED with Linux, Wi-Fi and 16 MB of memory

If you think of a first example of IOT actually used in home applications we cannot think of smart lamps: based on Bluetooth, Zigbee or Wi-Fi they have been on the market for years to be controlled more or less directly from smartphones and home automation gateways but BQ, the Spanish company that has been working on this project for about three years, has tried to take a step forward.

BQ has decided to install a real computer (based on Qualcomm MIPS 650 Mhz 32 Bit processor) with linux operating system, 16 MB central memory flash and 64 MB of DDR Ram) in the heart of its Halu LED illuminator to manage also through Wi-Fi an infinite number of programs (the variables involved are not many and can also be managed according to time and other sensors) and obviously a connectivity that allows it to communicate with smartphones and tablets and also with other devices online to control and be controlled.

basic version basic version

It is not a simple lamp but an applique with a methacrylate diffusion element that you can mount directly on the wall. If you have imagination and availability of a 3D printer such as those produced by BQ you can customize it with shapes of any size and color to create absolutely original illuminating objects (see some examples in the gallery below).

The product was illustrated during the Madrid Open Day and the CEO of BQ showed how it is the result of research on materials and components that involved the whole of Europe: the metal body built in Valencia, the internal heat sink of LaRoja , the diffuser (the semi-transparent disc) in optical methacrylate produced in Germany and the plastic-polycarbonate parts in Poland: obviously the final product is assembled in Spain.

Being able to act on the single lamp or on a set of intelligent lamps connected together, it will be possible to create any choreography based on the variation of intensity, color and hue and, when useful to have a white light, choose between the most suitable cold or warm shades.

The cost of the lamp to the public of 129 Euro including VAT and will be available from December 2015.