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Best way to sneak photos with iPhone


Here is how to take pictures with the iPhone without being seen in secret

Today I propose an interesting guide dedicated to all iPhone owners. With this guide, in fact, we will go to see how to get photos secretly with iPhone and without being seen. You can therefore take photos in any situation, at any time, without anyone noticing.

Maybe it won't happen very often, but you never know. Sooner or later, in fact, you may need to take a photo with your iPhone without being seen and not being noticed, for many different reasons. With this guide, therefore, you will be able to take your photos for iPhone without anyone noticing, in a completely anonymous and discreet way, like real spies.

If you also need to take photos secretly and without being seen with iPhone, you will be happy to know that you can do it without downloading additional software, simply by using a function integrated in the iOS 7 operating system, thanks to the help of the Notification Center or multitasking. Let's see how.

Maybe not everyone knows that with the introduction of iOS 7 for iPhone, take pictures without being seen by anyone just child's play.

To take photos secretly with iPhone, simply open the camera and drop the notification center curtain. That way, it will still be on the device you can see in the background what is being framed, but the main screen will still show you the list of your notifications and the notification center. At this point, however take the photo secretly with your iPhone, just frame the subject you want to photograph and press the volume + button to shoot.

Done. You have discovered how to take photos with the iPhone without being discovered and hidden. I point out that the same procedure also allows you to record a video secretly with iPhone.

Alternative method to sneak photos with iPhone

If the procedure proposed above is not to your liking, the alternative is ready immediately. If you want take photos secretly with the iPhonein fact, you can do it like this:

  • open the camera
  • activate multitasking
  • slide open tabs to hide the camera thumbnail
  • take the photo or record the video secretly by pressing the volume + button on the iPhone.

Well, I would say that now really everything. You have not one, but well two guides to sneak photos with iPhone and secretly record videos with iPhone. This way you don't even have to resort to external programs, thus saving some money.

Are you familiar with other methods of taking photos secretly with iPhone?

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