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AT&T negotiates to extend the iPhone exclusive

AT&T negotiates to extend the iPhone exclusive logomacitynet1200wide 1

AT&T is working to extend the iPhone exclusive for one year. An article published by the authoritative Wall Street Journal announced the negotiations between the main American mobile operator and Apple to extend the current agreement. According to what is learned from the article, the current right to sell iPhone exclusively ends next year; the date of 2010 as the term of the agreement entered into two years ago, is announced for the first time with certainty and by a reliable source after many articles that have provided contradictory information on the matter. Even more new is the news that negotiations are already underway to bring the agreement until 2011.

During the article Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T is also interviewed, who does not make any direct mention of the negotiations, but the fact that the indiscretion appears placed in an interview with the CEO of the company, allows to attribute to it even more high degree of reliability.

According to what it seems to be able to guess from the general context, AT&T would like to extend the exclusivity on the iPhone until 2011 to be able to enjoy the benefits of upcoming innovations and strengthen its presence in the field of devices for mobile data and new technologies on Internet in the cellular network, one of the most important growth factors in a scenario where voice services are now saturated. Having a good starting point on your side from Apple; The Dallas-based company added 4.8 million new iPhone subscribers to its customers in the second half of 2008, of which 40% were also new AT&T customers.

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