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Apple releases the new beta 3 of iPhone OS 3.0

marzo 16, 2020

Starting last night, developers registered with Apple Developer Connection can download the new Beta 3 version of the iPhone OS 3.0 operating system. The third beta made by Cupertino available in 4 different distributions: for the first iPhone EDGE, for iPhone 3G, for the first iPod touch and for the second generation iPod touch. The identification number of the beta 3 7A280f and, from the first impressions that emerge from the developers who first downloaded and tested, significant improvements are evident with regard to the performance and stability of the system.

In particular, better performance is reported as regards typing using the virtual keyboard and the use of the App Store program directly from the paperbacks. Other improvements have been identified in the new Spotlight function: now it is possible to exclude programs from searches, and finally store the results of the latest searches.

Together with the beta 3 of the operating system, Apple has also made available a new version of the iPhone SDK 3.0 development tools, indicated with the code 9M2728. Here the developers report a new Overview toolbar and a redesigned interface for the assistant function that accompanies the creation of new projects and the management of code and files. Other new features for the SDK concern Interface Builder, the tool for building graphical software interfaces, now equipped with drag and drop functions, file reordering and simplification of processes that require text changes within multiple documents.

Finally it is worth noting that Apple has also made improvements and revisions in the APIs that manage Push notifications, i.e. the services that allow pocket programs to receive updates via the Internet even when the software is not running. The notifications can be of three different types: by written message, by reproducing a sound and finally by a numeric badge that is displayed above the program icon, as now happens to indicate the number of programs for which the update is available via the App Store icon. Developers will have to register programs in development to use the three types of notification, unlike what happened before beta 3, in which remote notifications were managed through the settings.

To find out more details and the new features integrated in the new beta 3 it is necessary to leave some time for the developers to test and analyze the various elements of the system, but in general Apple's attention to performance and stability, show that the table of march for the release in definitive version by the summer, in conjunction with the new iPhone hardware, the line with the timings programmed by Cupertino.