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Apple iPad accessories: 5 gadgets not to be missed

marzo 16, 2020

By Lucia Resta Monday March 16, 2020

IPad accessories gadgets not to be missed

The iPad is a device that can be exploited in a thousand ways and with the special ones gadgets it is useful on many occasions, especially when we are away from home and we cannot open and close the laptop too many times, but, at the same time, we need a screen a little bigger than that of the iPhone. We have already seen the best Smart Keyboard and headphones and earphones that are always useful for both the tablet and the smartphone, now let's see what else we can need to make our iPad even more functional wherever we are and whatever we want to do and we see also how we can receive them directly at home by finding them at the best price on Amazon.

IPad accessories: Smart Cover

IPad Smart Cover orange papaya

An accessory that is certainly essential to better protect the display, especially when you put your iPad in your backpack or bag, the Smart Cover. You can opt for a cheap one or for the official Apple one, there are really all types. The Apple Smart Cover proposed in many different colors, all very beautiful. For example, look at the Apple Smart Cover orange papaya that we have chosen for this selection. Remember that the price of the cover varies depending on the iPad model for which you take it. The reviews are always excellent.

Apple Pencil for the iPad

Apple Pencil

If you are used to taking notes with pen and paper, then you cannot do without the Apple Pencil, which allows you to annotate, write and draw with iPad with the utmost simplicity and with extreme precision.

Stand for iPad

IPad stand - support

If you often use the iPad as if it were a laptop, to write with the Smart Keyboard or to watch movies and TV series, then you will find the stand very useful, that is the support that makes the iPad stand upright and slightly raised right like the monitor of an iMac. For example, try the universal Lamicall stand, which adapts to all iPad versions and also to tablets of other brands at the price of only € 18.99 and available with Prime, therefore with free and fast shipping.

IPad accessories: Car holder

IPad stand - support

If, on the other hand, you use the iPad a lot in the car, especially if you are used to travel with children on board, who you have to somehow "entertain" for many hours, the car holder will be incredibly useful. We have chosen the Eono Essential car holder, which adapts to all devices from 5 to 13 inches, has a 360-degree rotation and therefore can be placed in any car, and attaches to the headrest. The price of 15.99 euros.

Camera reader for iPad

Reader for Lightning to SD card cameras

Finally, a very useful accessory especially for those who want to download photos and videos to iPad: the reader for cameras from Lightning to SD card. You can also quickly upload files to iCloud to have them available on all devices with a single click.