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Apple; "Illegal jailbreak for iPhone developers"

marzo 16, 2020

Apple; "Illegal jailbreak for iPhone developers" logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has updated the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, the contract that must be signed in order to become part of the developers for iPhone and touch, to have Apple's programming tools, and finally that allows you to submit and publish the software for distribution / sale on the App Store.

Recall that the contract proposed by Apple to developers includes clauses of secrecy and non-disclosure. In the new version two new clauses explicitly and absolutely prohibit any participation in independent projects that provide for the development, dissemination and any support for software and solutions of the independent world, usually indicated with the term jailbreak.

In particular, programmers who adhere to the IPhone Developer Program License Agreement must not unlock their devices, write programs or hacks that interfere with security solutions, which modify the management of digital rights and not even the verification and authentication mechanisms, used to block iPhones to specific mobile operators. In practice, no part of the iPhone OS operating system, Apple technologies and software and even the services can be used in a different way than that specified by Cupertino.

Finally, it is specified that the applications created with the Apple development kits can be distributed only with the authorization of Apple and only via the App Store or through ad hoc distribution, also regulated by Cupertino. Ultimately now iPhone and touch programmers now explicitly prohibited from participating or even just supporting or giving directions to other users about jailbreak programs and practices. Ars Technica reported on Apple's new clauses regarding the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement.

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