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Android alarm clock: here are 5 apps to not be late!

No matter how much you try to wake up on time, you'll still be late. always the same story eh? Why not try some app other than the stick to solve this annoying problem? Fortunately there are numerous Android alarm clock applicationsbetter than the default on your smartphone, and we will immediately discover it together.

The 5 best apps for waking up on Android smartphones

  1. Gentle Alarm– (Recommended by us)
  2. Xtreme alarm clock
  3. AlarmMon
  4. I Can't Wake Up
  5. Alarm clock – Alarm Clock

Gentle Alarm

Gentle Alarm has everything you could want from one alarm clock app, starting with a good interface up to incredibly detailed alarms. It is possible to manage every aspect in a very articulated way, which makes the application a little complicated, but if you love customization, it is right for you.

Gentle Alarm

The free version has the same characteristics as the paid version, but there is a "trap": the alarm will not sound on Wednesday. In order to use the app every day of the week, therefore, it is necessary to purchase the payment variant.

android alarm clock applications "width =" 700 "height =" 300Do you love personalization? Gentle Alarm may be what you are looking for!


Alarm clock Xtreme one wake up for freewith a simple and straightforward interface, yet offers ample options for customizing variallarmi.

Alarm Clock Xtreme: Alarm clock, stopwatch and timer

An interesting and unusual feature is the possibility of being able to set math problems to deactivate the alarm, a characteristic that can certainly be useful if you tend to interrupt the alarm and go back to sleep.

android alarm clock applications "width =" 700 "height =" 300Alarm clock Xtreme one of the best free Android alarm clock apps!


AlarmMon one of the best Android alarm clocksin the fun category.If your children need an alarm clock, you should download this application which is fairly standard, with different alarm options and lists, but it is the cartoon-style characters that make it the most suitable for children.


can set the alarm and select your favorite character. In addition, it reminds you of previously saved alarm clocks, so as to help you improve your morning habits and become a punctual person.

android alarm clock applications "width =" 700 "height =" 300AlarmMon could be the most suitable alarm clock for your children!

I cant wake up

I Can't Wake Up has different ways to make sure you get up at the right time and stay awake. Among these, there is a function called Wake Up Smooth that darkens the screen and increases the volume slowly to make you wake up pleasantly.

I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

You can customize the alarm clock using music ringtones, making your smartphone a real one Android clock radio. In addition, there is a feature called Awake Test which will make sure that you are fully awake before turning off the alarm.

android alarm clock applications "width =" 700 "height =" 300Among the Android alarm clock applications I Cant Wake Up one of the most versatile.

Alarm clock – Alarm Clock

If you miss the Ice Cream Sandwich color scheme, then you will certainly like the graphical interface of Alarm Clock,a'alarm clock application intuitive that, for example, if you are using your smartphone to chat it automatically reduces the alarm volume so as to avoid disturbing you.

Alarm clock - Alarm Clock

Another useful function is the one that automatically adjusts the alarm according to time zones, convenient if you travel often, without considering the amount of setting options that allow you to customize every aspect of the app to the maximum.

android alarm clock applications "width =" 700 "height =" 300Are you looking for something more intuitive? Why not try Alarm Clock?

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