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All offers of telephone operators revolutionized by the coronavirus: Giga as a gift

These are days when the government has invited everyone to stay home to fight the coronavirus epidemic going on in our country. In recent days, the Minister for technological innovation and digitization has launched a project called digital solidarity, first only for the red areas of the north, subsequently extended to the whole national territory, which for days has been an entire red area. The goal is to help people, professionals and companies to continue their business and maintain their lifestyle habits. Mobile operators also joined the project, giving their users gigabytes and minutes of free calls. Here are all the current offers.


The Windtre operator makes its own available 100 GB free customers to be used within 7 days from the receipt of the informative SMS, which should be sent in these days to all rechargeable users.Offers operators for coronavirus, giga as a gift

Furthermore, Windtre Business has made available to its customers the possibility of joining a tariff plan with unlimited minutes and gigabytes for both new mobile lines and existing lines. eliminating the cost of changing the tariff plan.

All the initiatives will be available starting March 18th.


Vodafone Business, to facilitate the adoption of work remotely, offers throughout the national territory one month of unlimited use of the data connection on all voice SIM cards, so you can stay in touch with colleagues, customers and friends. The automatic activation and the month starts from the receipt of the SMS of activation.Offers operators for coronavirus, giga as a gift


Also Tim offers unlimited GB on mobile for 1 month to all customers with an already active data plan. The offer is activated from the My TIM APP, by accessing the TIM Party section or from the dedicated web page. to Tim Party.Offers operators for coronavirus, giga as a gift

Also, Tim offers unlimited calls from landline until the end of April to all customers with a pay-as-you-go profile.


From the second half of March Fastweb will make available to the entire community of its mobile customers 1 million Giga free to be shared until the ceiling is exhausted. Once the credit limit is over, customers will resume using the data included in their offer. Membership will be totally automatic: customers will not have to do anything, the ceiling of data available in their tariff plan will stop and they will be able to use data traffic as a gift.Offers operators for coronavirus, giga as a gift


Iliad, the new Italian mobile operator, makes available for free 10 GB of traffic to be able to surf the internet and unlimited calls to landlines in more than 60 international destinations, and to furniture in the USA and Canada, throughout the country to anyone who has subscribed to the Voice offer until 11/03/2020.Offers operators for coronavirus, giga as a gift

The service is activated and deactivated automatically; an SMS will confirm the activation of the promotion.

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