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Alien Abuse: exploration and alien hunting on iPhone and touch

Alien Abuse: exploration and alien hunting on iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

The false prison in which we were actually locked up in a laboratory where monstrous experiments are performed on human guinea pigs. When the riot breaks out we discover that jailers and prisoners have all been infected by the substance Abuse that has transformed them into fierce and unpleasant to see mutant aliens.

Alien Abuse an arcade title with 2D graphics that flows in every direction: the character is controlled with two fingers on the touch screen. On the left the buttons for directions, on the right those for jumping and shooting. In addition to the metallic noises of the desolate environments that surround us, the game manages to create a distressing atmosphere thanks to the screams and verses of the mutants who occasionally break the silence. To face the challenge we have a conspicuous armament available: laser rifles, heat-seeking missiles, plasma, flame throwers, lightsabers, bombs and much more.

There is no shortage of enhancements to modify and improve the skills of the protagonist, finally a full-bodied series of switches, doors, buttons and hidden elements. The developers declare that about 20 hours of gameplay are needed to explore the installation at its complete cleaning. Alien Abuse works on iPhone and touch with Firmware 2.0: it can be purchased on this App Store page for only 0.79 cents.

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