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Airport Mania First Flight, the masterpiece of the breakouts

To those who like simulation games, the present could seem like a little game. Yet, after a few minutes of the first game, nine times out of ten you can not help but stay hooked: Reflexive Entertainment's Airport Mania First Flight with South Wind Games and Lemon Team, cost 79 cents, one of the so-called "Click Management Games" (point and click management games) on computers, which turn into something completely different, but even more engaging, on the iPhone, thanks to its multitouch interface. In practice, the return of the harpsichords

The goal of the original game is to manage an airport where dozens of small anthropomorphic planes want to land and take off. The gameplay aided by a clean and inviting graphics and thanks to the pleasant soundtrack and above all the graphics that characterize the personality of the "eyed" airplanes. Planes ready to get angry if you land or take off late, instead of cheering happily if pampered and moved quickly through the various phases of the airport cycle. Brilliant and very funny, so much so that it allowed Reflexive Entertainment to build a small empire on top of this reference title dating back to a couple of years ago.

And here's the news. The iPhone version, which maintains the substance of the game, its graphics, the number of levels and the sound and visual "feeling" of the original available for Mac and PC. Instead, it becomes even more fun thanks to the reengineered screen to make us fit all the elements in a convincing way and the possibility of touching with the finger to control (rather than with the mouse pointer) the airplanes. The game works well. In the most excited stages, you risk having a little too many planes piled up in a relatively small space, but in the end with a little training you can control the game very well.

The very positive final judgment. The levels are pleasant and engaging, while the graphics and gameplay, in its studied essentiality, leave you to guess at the hands of real videogaming professionals. A very thick title, which will take a long time before finishing it also in the iPhone version and which, before reaching perfection in all levels, will require even more time and will give us even more fun. Five stars.

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