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ADV.Sound M4, Macitynet tests the monitor earphones launched on Kickstarter

The panorama of super crowded audio accessories, despite the ADV.Sound M4 earphones, are able to surprise, especially as regards the price-performance ratio. We already talked about it at the launch of the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, now for the editorial staff of Macitynet it has received a pre-production model for a preview test. Already reviewed and highly appreciated by some audiophile sites from overseas, our test also confirms the excellent qualities of this new entry in the sector of Audio accessories. Despite the medium-low price, the feeling of the product, the audio performance and also the equipment are able to compete with the earphones of historical brands, even the most noble ones, definitely much more expensive.

The good impressions begin as soon as they are extracted from the resistant envelope in which they were delivered: the earphones are in fact housed inside a small rigid pocket-sized case which prevents them from being crushed and ruined. This custom-made and durable case is perfect for carrying and using the ADV.Sound M4 earphones anywhere. The good impressions do not end there: the two earphones are made of aluminum and connected via a very robust cable twisted on itself, thus resulting immune to tangles.ADV.Sound M4 620

The listening tests carried out with numerous songs of different genres and different qualities confirm what the manufacturer declared in the Kickstarter campaign: ADV.Sound M4 are able to satisfy even demanding audiophiles because they deliver very well balanced audio, with rich but never predominant bass, with the possibility for the user to push the volume almost to the maximum, however well above the recommended threshold for prolonged listening, without experiencing any distortion.

very difficult if not impossible to find earphones capable of ensuring audio quality comparable to that ensured by ADV.Sound M4 while remaining in this price range. In dozens of tests of headphones and earphones we have found a lower yield and higher distortions even for products that are much more expensive in the price list. Instead sticking to the $ 40 price of the ADV.Sound M4, around 35 euros, comparisons are practically impossible and all to the advantage of this new entry. The only detail that we would improve in this device is a more visible indication to recognize the right earpiece from the left one on the first hit: the screen printing in fact is difficult to find and also to read.

The package even includes 10 additional seals of three different cuts, to ensure a firm position inside the pavilion and also good passive sound insulation. For audio enthusiasts looking for a pair of earphones for use outside the home and also for those who are taking their first steps in the audio world and want to experience superior performance without making their wallets pale, the ADV.Sound M4 earphones are a highly recommended purchase.

ProQuality audio, well balanced with convincing bass Aluminum chassis Anti tangle cable Rigid pocket case and 10 gaskets included

VersusSerigraphs can be improved to distinguish between left and right earphones

Price and availabilityTo have them at the moment the only possibility to support the campaign on Kickstarter with an offer of 40 dollars, about 35 euros, in this way they will receive at home as soon as the first production batch scheduled for shipment for December is completed.