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A. A. A. Cocoa code ready, surrender.

A. A. A. Cocoa code ready, surrender. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Jiiva Inc. a company of programmers who thought to make portions of Cocoa code ("frameworks", to put it professionally) immediately available to anyone who wants to buy them. In this way we will be facilitated in the construction of our works by "reusing" some of the routines that they are made available to us.

In the first "Application Builder Collection" collection, currently on sale, there are frameworks for creating formatted fields and texts, useful for entering telephone numbers or addresses. We also find elements that create fully functional retractable calendars and cursors for the rotation of figures or objects, "all without writing a single line of code", as is proudly underlined.

The cost of the package of $ 199.99, even if there is a discount policy for volume licensing. The company also offers the possibility to download a small application that contains itself, demonstrating the potential of its product.

Special offers

All iPhone 11 64 GB discounted by 90 euros; historical minimum price

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