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The Best Free Firewalls

First we explain in a few simple words what a firewall. It basically a system (hardware or software) thatprotects the computer (or device) both incoming and outgoing: all threats coming from the outside will come blocked by the firewall and at the same time, all information and personal data will be more secure within the network because they cannot leak.

By external threats we obviously mean viruses, malware, adware, etc … Below we want to report what are the best free Firewall, from the point of view software.

# 1.PrivateFirewall

PrivateFirewall a program that analyzes everything that happens on the net and shows a warning every time a software tries to access the Internet connection. In the event that such access is not agreed, theFirewallautomatically blocks the execution of the program. PrivateFirewall works in the background and analyzes the behavior of each application, in order to avoid the entry of viruses or the exit of sensitive files


# 2.Ashampoo Firewall free

Ashampoo Firewall Free a program that offers complete protection to your computer by preventing intrusion from the outside and the leakage of personal data from the network. There are two methods of use: easy and expert. The first is designed for less experienced users and offers pre-defined and selected settings, while the second, on the other hand, allows you to customize the software according to your needs, by changing the advanced settings.


# 3.Comfortable Personal Firewall

It's a free firewall and very good. It has several options, which allow you to configure the software in depth manually activate the HIPS mode. The well-kept program interface allows a very simple use of the software and access to the various settings. It has nothing to envy to paid firewall software! Download and install this firewall to protect your computer from viruses, malware and hackers!