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Best Program to Prevent Opening of Files or Folders

Do you have confidential documents or private photos on your PC that you want to prevent others from opening and viewing? Privacy today is a very delicate issue and not a coincidence if there are more and more programs that aim to protect our privacy.

To prevent the opening of files or folders, one of the most popular and effective programs certainly Gilisoft File Lock Pro. It is a small but powerful program, compatible with all Windows systems, and which has several interesting features all designed to block, hide or encrypt files and folders. With this program you can therefore secure and make inaccessible (or invisible) any type of file (photos, videos, word documents, excel, powerpoint, pdf, etc …) or a folder or an entire local disk or external hard disk!

How to Use File Lock to Prevent Opening of Files or Folders

To block access to files and folders then prevent them from opening on your PC or external hard disk, first download and install the program LOCK PRO FILE on the computer:

After installing the program you will have to RESTART your PC for the tool to then function properly and allow you to start protecting your files and folders. After the computer restarts, double click on the Gilisoft File Lock Pro icon to open it and if the first time you open it, you will see a window like the one shown below that will ask you to enter a password. This password will be used every time you access the program to lock or unlock files or folders, therefore very important.

NB: In the demo version of the program it is not possible to set a personalized password, and the password already set 1 2 3 4 5 6.

After entering the password, the main screen of will open File Lock PRO. As you can see from the figure below, the interface is not only very simple and intuitive, but also in language Italian, therefore even novice users will have no difficulty using the program to protect files and folders.

Here is the main screen of the program:

Now you can start locking files and folders to prevent them from opening. Here are the 3 simple steps to follow:

Step 1.Left click on BLOCK FILEStep 2. Click on the right of the program on Lock File, Lock Folder or Lock Disk and select the file / folder / disk to lock and for which you want to prevent accessStep 3. The file / folder / disk will be automatically locked and will immediately become INACCESSIBLE.

NB: To make a file or folder accessible again, just select it in the program and click on the buttonUNLOCK.

Once the local file or folder or disk is locked, if you try to access it you will see that it will be practically impossible!

You can also block and prevent access to files or folders on an external USB disk (USB stick or external hard disk). All you have to do is left click on the menu EXTERNAL DISK -> LOCK FILE and select the files / folders to be locked (or encrypted). In this case you will also be asked to enter the password of the program to confirm the operation and you can set a protection password that the user will have to enter to access the file.

Download the free demo version of File Lock PRO now and start protecting your photos, folders of documents, videos, etc …