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Best Program to Encrypt USB Stick or Hard Disk

What does it mean ENCRYPT or ENCRYPT a file or disk? The correct meaning is: to encrypt means encode a file or disk in order to make it incomprehensible to those who do not have the key to decode it or the appropriate decoder.

We have already seen what are the best software solutions for encrypt a file or folder, in order to protect everything through a decoding password. But what could we do if we have a whole hard disk or a USB stick to be encrypted and password protected? Below we list the best programs that could be used for this purpose, not surprisingly these are programs all developed by the software house "Gilisoftβ€œ, Leader in this area.

Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption a program designed to encrypt external hard drives, local PC disks or USB sticks. With the encryption operation, the program sets a protection password, and access to the key or external hard disk will be impossible without entering this decoding password.

But how does Full Disk Encryption work? Its simplicity of operation really embarrassing. After downloading and starting it on your PC you will see this home screen:

At this point what you will have to do is simply select the disk to be encrypted and click on ENCRYPT. To protect USB sticks and external hard drives (connected to the computer) you will need to access the "Removable Disk”At the top, select the corresponding drive and finally click on ENCRYPT.

With the demo version of the program it is possible to encrypt up to 5% of the disk. To remove this limitation it is necessary to purchase the full version of the program.

#2. USB Stick Encryption

USB Stick Encryption another valid solution for those who want protect content of its own USB stick or external hard drive. Unlike Full Disk Encryption seen before, this program allows you to create a password-protected "private" area on the disk where you can insert all the files and folders to be kept safe. Anyone who connects the key or hard disk to a computer and tries to access the data of the protected area will see a window appear asking for the security password to be entered.

How to protect USB flash drive with this program? How to encrypt external hard drive with USB Stick Encryption? Here are the simple steps to follow!

Step 1. Install the program and restart your PC

Step 2. Open the USB Stick Encryption program and select the disk to protect. Make sure you have backed up the stick or hard disk because this encryption operation will delete all the data on it.


Step 3. Choose the size of the protected area to be created on the USB disk

Step 4. Click on INSTALL to start creating the safe area

Step 5. Open the USB stick or external hard disk and to access the secure area click on the "agent.exe" icon (you will need to enter the password to access)

Step 6. In the safe area you can start uploading all the files you want to keep protected

File Lock PRO one of the most used programs in the field of file protection and encryption. It is characterized by the numerous options and functions made available, and also by its extreme simplicity of use. Here's how to use it to encrypt data on a USB stick or external hard drive, and also β€œto hide" is "to block"Access to disk data. Like? Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Install the program and set a password to access File Lock

Step 2. Restart your PC after installation and then reopen the program

Step 3. From the left of the program select the "Hide file" or "Lock file" function and select the data of the external key / hard disk to be protected

That's all! The selected files and folders will become invisible on the disk and will neither be visible, nor accessible, nor editable!