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Best Alternatives to TrueCrypt to Encrypt Hard Drive

If you are in this article you will surely know very well what is TrueCrypt and why today it is necessary to find valid alternative solutions. For the uninitiated, it must be said that TrueCrypt was one of the first software capable ofencrypt your hard drivePC or create protected virtual disks in which to store all private files to be kept safe (as if they were in a real safe). TrueCrypt has not been updated for a couple of years and a very clear writing appears in red on the official website: “WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues"That is, the use of TrueCrypt is no longer secure and contains security bugs.

So what should you do if you want to encrypt your computer's hard disk so as to prevent strangers from accessing, for example, the partition containing our confidential data? What are the best alternatives to TrueCrypt to Encrypt PC Hard Drive Windows (and maybe the one containing the operating system? Here are 3 possible alternatives.

# 1. Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption

Gilisoft Full Disk Encryptionrepresents a valid alternative to TrueCrypt because it allows you to encrypt the hard disk of your computer. It supports both internal and external hard drives (and USB sticks) possibly connected to the PC. The encrypted disk will be password protected and all data in it will be rendered illegible (precisely encrypted) thanks to the NIST 256-bit AES certified encryption.

3 simple steps are enough to encrypt an entire PC hard disk:

Step 1. Select the disk you want to encrypt by clicking on its letter

Step 2. Click on ENCRYPT to proceed and import a password protection

That's all! Once done, anyone who accesses the computer and tries to access the encrypted disk will have to enter the password. Without the correct password, the program disables any unauthorized reading / writing activity on the disk or on the PC, limits the access and display of the files.


Windows 10 Disabling Bitlocker

It is an integrated function in Windows that allows you to encrypt the entire contents of the hard disk. It is present only in the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows (from Windows 7 onwards). On these systems, to activate encryption just select the drive we want to protect with the right mouse button and then click onActivate BitLocker.Finally just follow the instructions of the wizard.

DiskCryptor Main window

It is a utility capable of encrypting both files and entire disks or external storage devices. DiskCryptor it has an interface very similar to that of TrueCrypt, therefore very simple and intuitive to use. Protection and encryption takes place through security algorithms such as AES, Twofish and Serpent.DiskCryptor compatible only with Windows systems (unlike TrueCrypt which instead was available for Windows than for Mac OS X and Linux).