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Write friends on the PC, but do it today.

Write friends on the PC, but do it today. logomacitynet1200wide 1

The cause of the problem is called SirCam (known since last July) and it could delete, every 16 October, the contents of the entire hard disk but, attention, only if you have opened an attachment to e-mail on a PC (Win95, Win98 , Win98Me, Win2000 and WinNT) that has the date system in the format Day / Month / Year, while it does not afflict those who use the Month / Day / Year system. There are those who estimate that the PCs affected by SirCam in late August may have been about 2.3 million worldwide. Even Mac users may have welcomed SirCam (for the curious here are the credits: SirCam Version 1.0 Copyright 2001 2rP Made in / Hecho en – Cuitzeo, Michoacan Mexico) on the hard disk but only through an emulator, do the due checks, here are those of McAfee and Symantec.

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