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Watch movies and videos on iPad, iPhone and iPod from USB stick or card …


Here is the guide (with video) that explains how to watch video files, movies, AVI, DIVX and MKV on iPhone, iPad and iPod directly from USB stick or SD card

Dear YourLifeUpdated readers, today I am putting one at your disposal guide that will be useful to many of you.

In the past few days I have had the need to watch movies and videos on iPad Mini directly from a USB flash drive. I started searching the net, documenting myself and gathering information, but I found almost nothing.

When I finally got to see my movies and videos on iPad Mini directly from a USB stick or external SD card, I decided to shoot a quick video to explain to all of you how to perform this procedure.

These are a few simple steps to follow, but without a correct explanation, it will be very difficult to carry out the whole procedure. So let's see how to watch movies and videos on iPad, iPhone and iPod directly from USB stick or SD card.


  • need the jailbreak
  • the guide works on all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • you need the iFile program
  • you need a program to read videos like Infuse, VLC, CineXPlayer or whatever you prefer (all are fine)
  • you need a camera connection kit with adapter for SD or USB cards (better if original, otherwise you risk that it doesn't work properly)
  • better not to use the USB solution, your stick will almost certainly not be read by the iPad because it requires too much power.

Now that we've seen these premises together, I leave you with the video I shot in which I explain in a precise and detailed way how to watch movies, videos, AVI, DIVX and MKV directly from a USB stick, SD card and camera connection kit on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

As you can see, the very quick guide to be implemented, just follow all the steps carefully and precisely.

Basically all you have to do is:

  • copy movies and videos to a folder on the SD card or USB stick
  • connect the SD or USB to the iPad
  • with iFile, copy a connection to the SD or USB and always paste the connection in the folder of the app you will use to watch the videos (e.g. Infuse)
  • enjoy your video or film, directly on iPad, iPhone or iPod, which will start automatically with the app you have selected every time you connect the stick or SD card to your Apple device.

For more details, however, I leave you with the video I shot. It's about the best solution available today to watch movies, videos and to read in general any type of file from USB stick or SD card on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

(youtuber youtube = ?http: // v = U6J5GJYGbIQ?)

I remember that this would not have happened on Android. It would have been enough to connect an adapter and a USB stick and, with a simple file manager, we could have watched all our multimedia files without any problem

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