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TUTORIAL: Let's learn Numbers, the Mac made in Apple spreadsheet! Part 19: …

You can open an iWork 08 or iWork 09 spreadsheet. To take advantage of the new features, save the iWork 08 spreadsheets in the iWork '09 format. To allow iWork 08 users to access the spreadsheet, save it in iWork 08 format.

When you open a password-protected iWork 09 spreadsheet, you will need to enter the password in the Password field before you can view the contents of the spreadsheet.

To open an existing spreadsheet:

  • To open a spreadsheet from "Model Picker", click "Open an existing document" in the "Model Picker" window, select the document, then click Open.

To open a recently used spreadsheet, choose the document from the "Open Recent" pop-up menu at the bottom left of the "Template Selection" window.

  • To open a spreadsheet while you are using one, choose File> Open, select the spreadsheet, then click Open.

To open a recently used spreadsheet, choose File> Open Recent, then choose the spreadsheet from the submenu.

  • To open a Numbers spreadsheet from the Finder, double-click on the spreadsheet icon or drag it onto the Numbers application icon.

Even if you see a message when you open a spreadsheet that warns you of a missing font or document, you can continue to use the spreadsheet. Numbers allows you to choose fonts to replace missing fonts. Or you can add the missing fonts by exiting Numbers and adding the fonts in the Fonts folder; For more information, see Mac Help. To restore missing movies or audio documents, add them back to the spreadsheet.