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Tre Italia: no iPhone for us

No iPhone for Tre Italia. The confirmation that there is no talk and, probably, we will not talk in the short and medium term of an agreement between the mobile operator of the Hutchison Whampoa group, comes to Macity from the top of the company: Despite our repeated requests – he said to our site a spokesman for Tre – Apple has decided not to supply us with the iPhone and to limit its marketing through the two dominant operators in Italy.

According to what has been said on our site, it would have been hopes that would have faded the hopes that would not have accepted the offers made by Vincenzo Novari, CEO of Tre Italia, sending disappointed those which, at least in some declarations issued to the press, they seemed concrete prospects.

In July, shortly before the phone was launched in our country, Novari announced that he had had reassurance directly from Jobs about a phone launch in September in Tre's offer. The reason why the launch took place then only with Vodafone and Tim was due to logistical issues, the inability to work with more than three operators at the same time. Novari was so sure that he had had iPhones that he also launched contract hypotheses, which are 25 or 30% cheaper than those of the two official Apple partners.

Now, after the "no" from Apple, Tre Italia stigmatizes the choice of Apple, declaring itself "regretted" and sure that it represents a penalty for the many Italian consumers who believed we were the most suitable Italian operator to offer the iPhone with a data offer capable of making the most of its potential.

In any case, three believe it has the right answers both for those who do not want an iPhone (in our offer there are products with comparable, if not even higher than iPhone performance, such as the brand new Nokia N96 and HTC Touch Diamond) and for those bought an iPhone. Our offer – says Tre to Macity – for iPhones purchased on the market, remains convenient both from an economic point of view and from the qualities of the 3G network, the most widespread in Italy ".

Three quotes, for the benefit of those who have an iPhone with a rechargeable and therefore free of contract and as such can also be used on its network, offered by 4 Gigabyte, 10 Gigabyte and 20 Gigabyte per month with a monthly fee of 29 euros respectively (Zero6 Top) , 49 euros (Zero7 Top) and 79 euros (Zero8 Top) which include different voice and SMS bundles. We also have Naviga3 – the mobile operator still tells Macity – which at 3 euros per week offers 100 MB per day of navigation (about 3 GB per month), or the monthly option that at 9 euros / month offers 50 MB / day (approximately 1.5 GB per month) of Internet traffic. In our opinion – underlines Tre – already today we offer the most convenient rates on the market to those who – iPhone owners included – make intense use of mobile Internet services.