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The new Crusoe

The new Crusoe logomacitynet1200wide 1

Transmeta has not yet released the Crusoe TM5800, the first that in the company's roadmap should reach GHz, but already announces the chips of the new generation. It is the TM 6000 series, whose characteristics should be presented during the conference of the microprocessors that starts today. Among the main novelties there will be an integrated graphics processor and very reduced consumption, according to Transmeta 40% lower than the 5800 series. Part of the merit would be the circuitry which will be at 0.10 microns, thanks to a very sophisticated refinement process since the competition has processors with 0.18 or 0.13 micron circuitry. According to The Register the TM 6000 could also include the technology licensed by AMD thanks to which it will be able to emulate even the 64-bit instructions. of the major problems of the Crusoe chips and the inefficiency with which the x86 instructions are emulated which determine performances not compatible with the risks of the operating systems that run on the PC platform.

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