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The chat that uses colors instead of words

The Color Chat app only provides for sending colored rectangles instead of words and emojis

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How much understanding is there with your friends or with your partner? But above all: are you really able to understand each other on the fly? Not at all easy to find out, however, thanks to a new app that revolutionizes the traditional way in which we are used to chatting, we can test ourselves in a fun experiment.

What would happen if we replaced words with colors? We can find out with Color Chat, an instant messaging app – if we can define it this way – that stands out from the most popular as it allows you to chat with our contacts by sending exclusively messages without letters, words and emoticons.

In fact, to converse we can only exchange colored rectangles: just touch the gray rectangle – present in the lower right corner of the screen – to change the color, resize it and send it in the chat. Subsequently, we will only have to wait for the other interlocutor to interpret our message and formulate his reply.

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Without a doubt, its usefulness is quite questionable. It will not be useful for sending important messages or confirming an appointment, but we can consider it a digital detox alternative to get involved and experiment with an original but above all unusual communication method.

Available free for iOS and Android,Color Chat requires the registration of a mobile number during the first configuration and only later, will we be able to start a new conversation with the other contacts – already registered to the service – present in the address book.


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