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Quick Cooking: all Ipercoop recipe ebooks in one iPad app

Quick Cooking: all Ipercoop recipe ebooks in one iPad app Quick Cooking: all Ipercoop recipe ebooks in one iPad app The showcase on the App Store of The iPercoop fast kitchen

All the recipes and ebooks from the Ipercoop kitchen series are collected in the new fast kitchen app for iPad. The user has 360 recipes for the preparation of Italian dishes revisited with a touch of fantasy: it is possible to choose between pasta, risotto, meat second courses, fish second courses, savory pies, croquettes, meatballs, vegetarian dishes, salads , eggs, sweet cakes and spoon desserts. These are easy-to-prepare recipes: each explained with clear steps, indications of the preparation and cooking times and also a suggestion of the wine to match.

The user can choose recipes based on the time available and also based on the difficulty between easy, medium and difficult. While browsing, you can also type the name of an ingredient to make it included in the recipes extracted from the database or to obtain only the recipes that do not include it. Among the functions offered we mention the possibility of inserting the recipes in the favorites section for a faster recovery, the possibility of inserting comments and notes and the automatic creation of the shopping list with sending by email with the necessary ingredients to prepare the selected dish, list which can thus be consulted on the smartphone while shopping in the supermarket.

Fast cooking costs 1.79 euros for iPad.

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