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New iPad: reduced frames and no notch

The next version of iPad coming soon is a 12.9-inch Pro update

(Photo: @OnLeaks, @MySmartPrice)(Photo: @OnLeaks, @MySmartPrice)

Not a secret now that the next iPad a 12.9-inch Pro version update which will probably be presented in September with the new iPhone vanters with a renewed design. Numerous indiscretions have spoken in the past of the new look and some schematic images leaked last month have already given a first idea of ??what the device will look like. In order to remove all doubts, renderings made for MySmartPrice by the Twitter user @Onleaks, who became famous over time for being able to predict the look of devices not yet on the market, arrived in these hours.

As usual for @Onleaks productions, the published images are not official, but creations made starting from both corridor rumors leaked on the Net, and from confidential information obtained exclusively. The result an iPad fromaspect consistent with what has been rumored in the months, with display frames reduced to a minimum even without needing an annoying notch to invade the screen. In reality, Apple does not intend to give up facial recognition on its tablet: simply the frame of the next iPad, although it is reduced compared to that of the previous models, however more cumbersome than that of the iPhone X, and will therefore be able to host the components necessary for the Face ID system without the need for extra millimeters.

(Photo: @OnLeaks, @MySmartPrice)(Photo: @OnLeaks, @MySmartPrice)

The displacement of the Smart Connector and the possible elimination of the headphone jack also seem plausible from the images, while the size of the tablet should finally be 280.6 x 215 x 5.85mm, or significantly less than those of the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro but still larger than most pure tablets on the market. If the leaked images correspond to the real appearance of the device we could find out at the launch event of the new iPhones scheduled for September 12, together with the technical characteristics of the device and what it can do in everyday life.


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