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iTunes continues to grow in popularity

iTunes continues to grow in popularity in the United States. Here is what a recent survey carried out by Ipsos and published yesterday showed.

According to what is learned from the research iTunes is considered the best of online sales services for music on the Internet by 57% of respondents in the sample. The increase compared to last year is very sensitive (+ 7%) and even more compared to 2006 (+ 16%). The increase, although it is evident that iTunes today is the most popular among digital music stores, surprising because many things have changed since last year to this year, in particular on the Amazon market, while Rhapsody, the Real service, in addition that having allied with MTV now offers songs without Drm (unlike iTunes and like the aforementioned Amazon).

ITunes' success is even more significant if we consider that the survey takes into consideration only those who know more than one digital music store. Probably the advantage in terms of popularity would become even more significant if even those who know only one store were taken into account, since this store would most likely be iTunes.

Behind the Apple digital music store emerges that of Amazon, but at an abysmal distance: only 9% consider the service of the largest retailer in the world the best on the market. Behind Amazon is still Napster, whose popularity (8%) is decreasing (it was 11% two years ago) and very close to Rhapsody (7%). The rest of the lot (MySpace, WallMart, Yahoo) is losing ground, but most of all are small shops, which have fallen from 23% to 9% in two years.

The drop in small businesses is considered by Ipsos to be the sign of a generalized trend that is leading to the consolidation of various services. A second element to emerge from the investigation are the increasingly sophisticated tastes of customers who seek quality service, variety and relevance in the brand.