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iPhone: second best-selling mobile phone in the USA

iPhone: second best-selling mobile phone in the USA logomacitynet1200wide 1

Other figures other records for Steve Jobs's mobile phone: the latest data comes from the NPD research companies, according to which the iPhone is currently the second best-selling mobile phone in the United States.

We talk about cell phones in a global sense, not smartphones; Apple's device second only to the now "old" Motorola RAZR V3: a second place that almost symbolizes a handover from the telephony giant claudicator to the emerging success of Cupertino, which has already reached 17% of the smartphone market.

Between June and August, the iPhone was the best-selling mobile phone ever, surpassing all competitors. The reason for the success is also attributable to the launch of the 3G version of the phone, with a consequent lowering of the price; factors that led many users to switch operators to switch to AT&T. According to NPD, 47% of those who changed the operator abandoned Verizon, 24% T-Mobile and 19% Sprint.

These news, together with the recent figures of Seeking Alpha, once again underline the increasingly concrete success of the Apple mobile phone.

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