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iPhone is better, the economy is worse: support center canceled

iPhone is better, the economy is worse: support center canceled logomacitynet1200wide 1

Economic conditions deteriorated and fewer support calls. Here are the reasons why Apple would have canceled the establishment of a technical support center in Colorado Springs. To quote the facts a local newspaper, The Gazette of Colorado Springs.

According to what is learned from the magazine, Apple had started recruiting staff through a contractor (Volt Information Sciences Inc. of New York) to set up a center made up of about 500 operators who could then become 850 once the service was up and running. The people had already been selected and hired, at least in part, when they received a letter saying that the support center had been canceled due to worsening market conditions and the fact that a recent iPhone update, ai whose customers the center had been referred to, reduced the number of calls.

Now the problem for the company that recruited the staff what to do with the people to whom he signed the contract because the number of hired workers significantly outweighs Volt's employment plans, who has no job for such a mass of people.

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