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Intel thinks of 20 GHz

Intel thinks about 20 GHz logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel is planning a new chipset which, thanks to particular technologies, will be able to support processors up to 20 GHz. The system, called BBUL, Bumpless Build-up Layer, essentially consists of a dense network of interconnections that will allow a constant flow and fluid data, far more than is possible today. The "package" will also modify the system with which the actual microprocessor is housed, instead of being placed above it, it will be immersed within the circuit complex. The study of a new chipset is driven by the observation that the processors increasing the power they change and become more and more complicated to manage in the system of connection to the motherboards: some of them have 5000 soldering points inside the chipset and others 500 for the connection with the motherboard. The aim, as mentioned, of Intel to have a system is available that will allow computers to produce speeds of up to 20 GHz within 5 years without being forced to slow down the growth of processors due to the impossibility of coping with such high speeds determined by the support chips and the "logistic" system with which they interconnect with motherboards.

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