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iChalky: a digital tenant for iPhone and touch

If we tilt the iPhone or iPod touch slightly, the good iChalky starts with a sloping step in the direction of the slope. Its legs and the speed of movement follow millimeter precision the direction and speed impressed on the paperback, so iChalky immediately reverses the direction if we change that of the iPhone.

Being also composed of springs we can touch an iChalky arm or leg to stretch it more than normal and then observe how our digital tenant returns between jumps and shakes to the initial form. So in addition to the accelerometer, the program also uses multitouch functions, but not all. After mistreating him well, we can offer iChalky one of the best moments of his life, namely two jumps on the screen on the notes of a song. We turn up the volume of the Mac or the radio and the notes, through the microphone of the iPhone, will come up to ours that will start dancing. Obviously this function is not possible on the touch.

While always remaining consistent with itself, iChalky programmed and could not do otherwise, the behavior and actions are always different: here is the little secret of the program. The character composed of 8 elements connected together by some springs that act as shock absorbers responds to a small number of physical laws that characterize their behavior and define the world in which they live.

On this assumption the creator Eric Metois is convinced that a simple simulation can be generated and at the same time able to always surprise with an unexpected movement, a comic fall, an unlikely dance step.

iChalky available on this App Store page at a price of 0.79 cents. For those who are not yet convinced of the purchase, we recommend watching the YouTube video showing iChalky in action.